Autoimmune Recovery Testimonials

CarolynCarolyn’s Hashimoto’s Transformation

Listen to how this young mother made the decision to make her health a priority and recover her health!

Gemma’s Total Recovery

Cynthia enrolled in the total recovery program in the summer of 2016. She had been given a quadruple diagnosis of mixed connective tissue disorder, proteinuria, antiphospholipid syndrome, and sarcoidosis. She had positive antibodies, ANA, Antiphospholipid, anti-U1 RNP as well as antibodies to histamine. Her symptoms were severe and seriously affecting her quality of life. She went to multiple specialists but none of them were able to help her get to the root cause of her condition.

After a short 7 months in the Total Recovery program, she has completely healed. Cynthia’s case is typical of our Total Recovery graduates!

Cynthia CTotal Recovery Program Graduate
Working with Michelle saved my life!  That is a dramatic statement but I truly believe it.  I was wasting away to nothing, so sick and in pain I could barely eat. I was diagnosed with lupus and rheumatoid arthritis and it was suspected I had crohn’s disease and colitis.  I’d already had my gallbladder removed with no improvement to my stomach pain. Traditional doctors/medicine had failed me. I was given meds to treat the symptoms which only proved to make me sicker with no attempt to get to the root cause.  I was feeling hopeless and helpless.
Then God led me to Michelle.  I read her book, The Thyroid Cure which gave me hope for my healing. I started doing some searching and to my great surprise I discovered that Michelle had a program and worked with clients one-on-one. Initially I decided to go with another functional medical practitioner near me.  Well, needless to say, that was a huge disappointment and a waste of time and money.
Michelle has a kind heart and is incredibly intuitive.  She led me through a healing journey that was life changing and held my hand every step of the way.  She brought calm and assurance during a time when I felt so helpless and out of control.  With her wisdom, we were able to get to the root cause of my illness’, which no traditional doctor would have ever been able to do.
It’s been over two years and I am fully recovered and am healthier MIND and BODY then I have ever been, which is absolutely priceless!  The tools and practices I learned during this program will benefit me for a lifetime.  I am forever grateful! – November 2020
Andrea Lupus and RA Total Recovery

Lynne Mystery Illness - Total Recovery

I suffered for years with three different autoimmune diseases: lupus, Hashimoto’s and Crest syndrome. Michelle explained that I actually had one condition and got to the bottom of all my symptoms in less than 2 months. I am finally cured and I have my life back. I highly recommend Michelle’s recovery programs to anyone who wants real results. – Susan, Autoimmune Recovery

Susan Autoimmune, Total Recovery Program Graduate
Jessica R

“When you work with Michelle, you get to see the core issues in your life that are making you sick. She’s intuitive and loving. She’s more like a close friend and ally than a health practitioner. I feel like I can tell her anything. When I follow her advice, I feel better.” – Jessica Rosen, Lupus and Chronic Lyme Recovery

Jessica RLupus and Chronic Lyme, Total Recovery Program Graduate

“Nine months ago I was so sick I thought I might die. Today I feel like I did twenty years ago. Michelle, you were right, autoimmune disease is CURABLE. My rheumatologist just pronounced me in “permanent remission”. When I asked her how that differs from being “cured” she said there is no difference. I am so glad I joined your program. I don’t know where I would be had I stayed on the routine my functional medical doctor had me on. Thank you so much. I have my life back and I owe it to you. When can we make a video?” – Victoria S.

Victoria S.Lupus, Total Recovery Program Graduate

“I suffered from chronic migraines, thyroid problems, digestive issues, and so many unexplained symptoms – too many to list. I had seen so many doctors but none of them could figure out what was wrong with me. Working with Michelle helped me to understand that my life wasn’t working and my body was telling me that things had to change. Michelle helped me learn what my mind, body and soul really needed to be healthy. I’m forever grateful for the experience of working with her. Namaste.” – Loren S., California, Chronic migraine & Hashimoto’s Total Recovery

Loren S.Chronic migraine & Hashimoto’s, Total Recovery Program Graduate

Dear Michelle, I’m happy to write you a testimonial. As you know when I met you I was pretty desperate. Honestly, I didn’t have much hope that I could get better. You immediately set my mind at ease. You gave me the tests and we found that mercury and fungus were triggering my lupus. I don’t think my doctors would have ever figured that out. You saved my life. My ANA test has been negative for three years now. I think I’m really cured! I stay on the healing program 80/20 and stay up on my supplements. I’ll never go back to my old lifestyle. I think you are the wisest most loving woman I have ever met. Thank you so much for all you do for sick people. With deep appreciation, Jessica

Jessica Epstein Lupus, Total Recovery Program Graduate

In 2014 I started to feel really sick. I had sore joints and I was so tired I couldn’t get off the couch. My hair was falling out in clumps. I had horrid brain fog, panic attacks, migraine headaches, and constant lower back pain over my left kidney.

At first, my doctor insisted that it was a virus. When my symptoms persisted for six weeks he referred me to an infectious disease specialist who referred me to a rheumatologist. I tested positive for ANA, anti-dsDNA, RA and antiphospholipid antibodies. I also had protein in my urine. The rheumatologist diagnosed me with lupus nephritis and referred me to a nephrologist. He gave me prescriptions for prednisone and Plaquenil and said that the best he could do was give me drugs to help slow progression of my disease but that I would have it forever. I don’t know why but something told me that there had to be another option.

I started Googling about natural treatment for autoimmune disease. I read about nutrition and functional medicine and it gave me hope. I went to four different functional medical doctors. They each ran a bunch of tests and gave me tons of supplements but I wasn’t getting better. Then I heard Michelle’s story on a podcast and something told me to call her office. Michelle talked to me for over 45 minutes and explained that I could definitely get better. I signed up for the total recovery program and finally got the answers I was hoping for. I had several splinters and Michelle found all of them. She insisted I stay under the care of my rheumatologist. He wasn’t sure that anything we were doing would make a difference but he is a nice man and cares so he went along with it. Within two months I was riding my horses again. After 9 months my antibody tests came back negative. My doctor was so surprised to tell me that I was in remission. I think he’s actually a believer now.

It’s been over 2 ½ years and I’m still in drug-free remission. If you have lupus or anything like lupus I recommend that you find a way to get into Michelle’s program. It saved my life. Thank you, Andrea

Andrea Lupus nephritis, Total Recovery Program Graduate

Michelle Corey came into my life when I had tried just about every diet and eating plan for people with hypothyroidism. I thought I was eating the right foods, only to find out that what I had thought was “healthy” was actually making me bloated and feel ever more sick! Michelle’s expertise in the field of nutrition is incredible and I feel completely safe in following her plan. I lost 13 pounds in the first two weeks and almost twenty so far. And…it’s not about the weight as much as how incredibly GOOD I feel! The bloating is gone, my moods are calmer, and I have so much more energy!

Michelle’s program has changed my life and to anyone who is willing to do what it takes to feel better and live the life you want to live, then this is the program for you! I suggest the plan to ALL my friends and family who struggle with food and health issues. I am living proof that it works and can work for anyone who makes the choice to embrace life to the fullest!

Susan L. BlackHashimoto’s, hormone balance, weight loss, Total Recovery Program Graduate
DanaTotal Recovery Program Graduate

“When my joints started aching on my 38th birthday I figured it was my genetic fate because all the women in my family were diagnosed with arthritis at that age. Thank God I met Michelle! She helped me to understand what was at the root of my condition and how I could avoid a life of pain. I had to make some drastic changes, but it’s been 4 years and I’m pain free. My lab tests are perfect. I highly recommend Michelle’s recovery program to anyone with rheumatoid arthritis.”

Carla S.Rheumatoid arthritis, Total Recovery Program Graduate

Dear Michelle,

Thank you so much for helping get my health back. Having lived with Hashimoto’s and all it’s symptoms for over 14 years I had no idea it could be reversed. Your program makes so much sense. I have kept the 27 pounds off and after 2 years still no antibodies. My doctor still can’t believe it. Can I give him your phone number? I feel really amazing.

Alice MillsHashimoto’s, hormone balance and weight loss, Total Recovery Program Graduate

Dear Michelle,

Thank you for writing The Thyroid Cure. I have been following the diet for 3 months and I have lost over 32 pounds! I just had my thyroid levels checked and my antibodies went from 537 to 39! My doctor can’t believe it. I look and feel 10 years younger. This is incredible. Thank you so much!

Lisa G.Arcadia, California

Hi Michelle,

I don’t have anymore antibodies! My doctor says I probably never had Hashomoto’s. I guess my blood work was wrong for 10 years and my symptoms were all in my head. Seriously? I’ve been sick for 16 years and I’m fixed in only 6 months on your program. I can’t believe it. I’m telling everyone about your book. Are you coming to Ohio on book tour? God bless you!

Sherry A.Ohio

Hi Michelle,

What can I say, your program works! My thyroid lab tests show no more Hashimoto’s. I am cured! Not only that, but my periods are normal now, my joints don’t hurt and my acne has cleared up. I have never felt this good in my life. Thank you so much!

Alexis H.Boulder, Colorado

I am grateful my doctor recommended this book. I have been battling autoimmune conditions for years and Michelle Corey’s book includes some of the healing protocols I have stumbled upon myself and so many more I would have loved to have had at my finger tips during the very scary early stages of my disease. I keep her book nearby, marked up with sticky notes of what I now incorporate in my daily wellness plan, and enjoy the frequent experience of coming across some new piece of information I had missed before. I am so appreciative of the time and care Michelle Corey has taken to provide such healing information.


I LOVE this fantastic book! It is beyond the shadow of a doubt THE VERY BEST BOOK on healing from thyroid disease I’ve yet read. Comprehensive, courageous, thoughtful, well-designed, well-written, and inspiring, this should be considered the go-to book for anyone recently (or not-so-recently) diagnosed with an autoimmune or thyroid condition. It is, in fact, so applicable to healing from other autoimmune problems, that I have considered buying it for my brother, who has autoimmune psoriatic arthritis but not thyroid disease.

I’ve been afflicted by Hashimoto’s for over 33 years, receiving the diagnosis in 1983 while in my early twenties, though symptoms appeared probably at least three years before the diagnosis. While I had hormonally-driven breast cancer at age 48, I can quite honestly say that having experienced a myriad of uncontrolled, unremitting, and sometimes devastating Hashimoto’s symptoms all of my adult life has had a far more profoundly negative and traumatic impact on my life than having had breast cancer, radiation and a lumpectomy ever will. I can also honestly say that I have not yet encountered a physician (not even an integrative physician) who has been able to help me examine, live with, and attempt to heal from this multi-facted, complex disease as well as Michelle Corey has in her wonderful book.

Like many, I have struggled with almost every possible symptom connected with the “Monster Around the Neck” during these past three decades. Left sick and exhausted, and frustrated beyond belief by the lack of availability of medical assistance of a truly helpful nature for more than a decade, I began to read as many books and articles as I could find written by caring physicians and health care advocates on the topic of Hashimoto’s for lay people beginning in the 1990s. Trying to stay on top of the latest developments in treatment and research has been a continuous endeavor since then, due to the continual health problems presented by or co-occurring with my Hashi’s. So, I was delighted when I came across Michelle Corey’s astoundingly comprehensive and easy-to-read book, The Thyroid Cure.

As I’m entering a new phase of life (menopause), the fortress of lymphocytes in my throat should make me feel like I’ve lost the autoimmune battle, but having read The Thyroid Cure and the work of others whom Ms. Corey has referenced, I don’t feel hopeless; I feel inspired. I know that if I act on the suggestions and science in this book, I have a much better chance of avoiding a second, or even third autoimmune illness (and unfortunately, many in my family have not one, but multiple AI diseases).

I love that Ms. Corey has been able to put so much surrounding thyroid disease into scientific, socio-culture, socio-economic and psychological perspective, while offering concrete steps to take to deal with each of the several “Splinters” she identifies as belonging to the wound that is Hashimoto’s. This book offers a path for Hashi’s people to engage the process of healing and work for wholeness and health on many levels. As she explains so well, autoimmune illness and thyroid disease are by nature complex and multi-faceted problems which can be impacted not only by genes, medication, diet, past and current fungal, viral, and bacterial assaults, gut health, hormonal dysregulation, inflammatory stress, toxins, chronic emotional stress, and unhealthy coping patterns within the individual, but also by what I might add is an unhealthy and a maladaptive medical and health insurance “system” that appears not to be interested in the creation of human health.

I am very happy to know that generations of younger women might be spared the debilitating symptoms of thyroid disease, and might also, as a consequence, have a much better quality of life because of the availability of this work. Thank you, Michelle Corey, for delivering this beautiful gem to those of us in need!

Laurie W.

The Thyroid Cure has already made a huge difference in my life. A friend once told me, “When you feel bad enough, you’ll do something different.” With that in mind, I took the leap and began the elimination diet in the book. It was absolutely amazing! I have lost 30 lbs, but more importantly, I’ve learned that preservatives cause migraines for me and dairy causes acne. I’ve lowered my thyroid antibodies from the 250 range to the low 90’s and I feel better than I have in years. I haven’t gotten through all the reintroduction phase, but I’ve learned so much already, this book has been a life saver!

Susan Christiansen

For years I’ve had symptoms of thyroid disfunction. The doctors I visited couldn’t find anything wrong. I was gaining weight, my skin was breaking-out, I had frequent headaches, and I always felt bloated. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired! In a desperate attempt to feel better, I read Michelle’s book. For a non-reader like myself, I was shocked that I finished reading the whole thing in just one night! Michelle’s story is motivational, insightful, and full of knowledge and hope.

After the first 30 days of following the recommended program, I felt like a new person. I lost 15 pounds, my skin cleared up, and the headaches were gone. I finally understood what it felt like to feel “full” after a meal, rather than bloated. During the “awareness phase,” I became much more in touch with my body. I learned what my allergies are and how I react to certain foods.

I’ve been following Michelle’s recommendations for 6 months now. I’ve lost a total of 42 pounds and all my symptoms have subsided. Compared to earlier this year, I feel like a new person!

The Thyroid Cure is guaranteed to inspire and motivate you. If you think you’ve tried everything, don’t feel defeated. This book is an instant life-changer. Get yourself a copy; you won’t be disappointed. Remember – you are worth it

Samantha GreenTaos, New Mexico

I have been struggling with hashimoto’s for roughly 10 years with alopecia as well. I began the program about 3-4 months ago and I have seen major improvements in the way I feel and my hair is starting to grow back!!! What a blessing! Michelle Corey has been such a blessing into my life and my son’s life, I have him on the program as well,he is dealing with alopecia. I have taken it very slowly with the diet change and supplementation, he too is improving and has a white “peach fuzz” covering his entire head and in many places he has his beautiful pigmented hair growing back! This book is very well researched, it gives a very detailed and easy to follow plan. I’m telling you, Michelle Corey has laid the foundation, all you have to do is follow it at whatever pace is comfortable for you! If you follow, you will see results and that is why I HIGHLY recommend this book!! I feel empowered and I feel like my life is getting better and better everyday!! She also has great vitamins that support your thyroid and every part of your body, I also recommend those too! She sells them on her website! God bless you Michelle and thank you for this book and believing in our God given right to be healthy, vibrant and thriving!!

Kristy, C


Dear Michelle,

As you know, I have had some difficult years dealing with my autoimmune condition. Last year I was at my wits end and I was convinced that steroid therapy was the only alternative left for me. When my mother suggested that I try your program I was a bit skeptical that changing my diet would help at all. My doctor and I were both surprised to see considerable improvement in symptoms and lab tests after only 3 months. I have to admit that the program isn’t easy and I’ve had to make some serious lifestyle changes – but now I can’t imagine going back to my old lifestyle. I have a way to go yet but now I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. I feel so much better – I have even started dancing again! God Bless you!


Hi Michelle, I’m happy to write a new testimonial. What else can I say other than I’m healed! I finally took the program seriously four years ago and I haven’t had a single flare-up. I’m on zero medication and my RA tests continue to come back normal. I hope you know that I refer everyone I meet to you. I’m teaching yoga now (part time) and dancing as much as I did in my twenties (I’m 56). You are a blessing to this world. Thank you again, my dear.

Nadine S.Rheumatoid Arthritis, Total Recovery Program Graduate