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My Journey

In March of 2004, just a few weeks after my 36th birthday, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and lupus.

I felt desperate. I ran from doctor to doctor searching for a cure but quickly realized the specialists couldn’t help me.

I had an “incurable” autoimmune condition that was progressively getting worse despite the “standard of care” treatment I was given. I was not satisfied with the results of my treatment or the resignation and complacency of the doctors from whom I sought help.

I wanted to go beyond “living well with my autoimmune disease,” and I could not imagine needing a lifetime of support protocols to keep the condition at bay.

I wanted to find the cause of my illness.

I wanted to be cured.

I was curious and became a scientist, as well as my own physician, advocate, and healer. By researching everything I could on the precursors to autoimmune conditions, I was able to identify the many factors that led to my cluster of symptoms.

What I discovered was that I didn’t develop my autoimmune conditions overnight. It took me years of living by the emotions of stress. As a survivor of childhood abuse, my state of being had become the perfect setting for chronic illness. My chronic negative emotional states not only depleted my vital life force but also drove unhealthy habits that eventually wore my immune system into the ground, turning on the genes for autoimmunity.

Without realizing it, I had developed the “personality” of someone who would get an autoimmune disease.

In order to heal I would have to change ALL of the conditions that were making me sick!

So I changed my whole life.

You can download my whole story here.

In healing my own body, I learned that healthy nutrition was the foundation for healing chronic illness, I wanted to learn more, so I enrolled in a holistic nutrition program at Clayton College of Natural Health.

It wasn’t long before other women started to notice my transformation and I began to receive requests to help them with their chronic symptoms. In September of 2008, I opened a holistic nutrition center in Taos, New Mexico. Based on what I had learned with my own body, I created a program called The Women’s Empowerment Program, which was a 12-week nutrition program designed to help women discover exactly what foods and substances were contributing to their unwanted symptoms. The program was very successful. In fact, every single one of the women who followed it 100 percent learned what foods they were reacting to, and all were able to find their perfect weight and eliminate their chronic symptoms.

In 2010 I enrolled in a 2.5-year practical functional medicine program under the direction of Dr. Charles Gant, at the Academy of Functional Medicine and Genomics, which has been acquired by The College of Integrative Medicine. This was where I learned the science of how to restore health by correcting the core systems of the body.

In 2014 I published my first book, The Thyroid Cure, which is the most complex text on the topic of autoimmunity and how to heal naturally. I wanted to provide doctors and laypersons with the irrefutable science of natural autoimmune recovery. In 2016 Rodale Publishing found the book and acquired rights to sell it through direct response channels. They didn’t change a word of the text.  It has since sold over 150,000 copies worldwide and over 2000 conventionally trained medical doctors have read it and recommend it to their patients.

Today, after working with thousands of people I have learned that EVERY person diagnosed with an autoimmune condition can get better, and I am devoted to sharing my breakthroughs with you so that you can do the same.

There is no treatment, pill or supplement that will make you immune to a toxic lifestyle.

In order to heal you will have to break free from the conditions in your life that are making you sick. You will have to assess everything from the foods and substances you ingest, your environment, your relationships, and the addictive toxic emotions that you live by,

The good news is that your body will naturally move toward vibrant health when you remove the toxic stress and give it what it needs to thrive. Every time. 

My programs have helped thousands of people not only totally recover from autoimmunity but find vibrant health!

I am here to share what I have learned through my books, courses and exclusive one-on-one programs.

I invite you to join me in Total Recovery.

You are worth it.


Michelle Corey, C.N.W.C., F.M.P., is a functional mind-body practitioner, nutritionist and medical advocate. She studied holistic nutrition at Clayton College of Natural Health and completed a comprehensive 2-year practical program at Academy of Functional Medicine and Genomics.
Michelle is an advisor to the Functional Medical University.

Michelle offers educational programs to practitioners and exclusive one-on-one Total Recovery programs to empowered individuals who are ready to transform their lives. ????