• The Most Comprehensive Guide to Autoimmune Recovery

    and it’s not just about thyroid disease.

The Thyroid Cure

Autoimmune disease has reached epidemic proportions worldwide. Over 80 million people in the U.S. alone suffer from an autoimmune condition. 

Ninety percent of people diagnosed with a thyroid disorder have an autoimmune disease and don’t know it.

The Thyroid Cure is not just about autoimmune thyroid disease but all autoimmune conditions.

I wrote the book for the person suffering and their doctor. It’s the only book you can take into your doctor’s office and point to the precise science behind the triggers for autoimmune disease and how to cure yourself.

I show you how to become empowered, navigate the broken medical system and get the proper care so that you can undercover the roots of your illness and heal.

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Your Path to Healing

The journey to recovery is simple, but it takes work. You don’t “catch” an autoimmune condition overnight. Reversing your illness begins with becoming aware of the factors that have led to your diagnosis and then healing each one.

I want you to connect the dots between chronic stress, trauma, nutrient deficiencies, exposures to toxins and infections, and your uncomfortable symptoms.

Imagine every adverse event, exposure, and trauma as splinters festering in your body and causing irritations. Your work will be to gently remove the splinters one by one and let your body heal.

You Will Learn

  • How to uncover the “splinters” triggering your autoimmune condition
  • How to use food as medicine to feel better fast
  • How to identify and heal food sensitivities 
  • How healing your gut is critical to your recovery
  • How to boost your body’s natural detoxification
  • How to reduce stress, improve sleep and discover your unique mind-body type
  • How toxic exposure to chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals can trigger autoimmunity
  • How chronic and “stealth” infections can trigger an autoimmune condition
  • What household and personal care products might be contributing to your symptoms
  • How trauma, nervous system dysregulation, and negative thinking contribute to autoimmunity

This book will offer a new way of thinking about all autoimmune diseases, their causes, and the steps you can take to reverse the process and have vibrant health.


Michelle Corey, FMC