Physician Invitation

Welcome, Doctor!

You likely heard about my project from a patient or colleague. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to visit my website.

I’m sure you’re aware that the epidemics of chronic inflammatory disease are spiraling out of control worldwide. If you are practicing medicine, it’s likely that as many as 80% of your patients come to you for the management of a chronic inflammatory condition such as autoimmunity, heart disease or cancer.

If you’re like many of your colleagues, you’re frustrated because current interventions for chronic inflammatory illness only work for a short time (if at all) and your patients are left with even more complications and side effects from treatment.

Fortunately, a new paradigm is emerging. An increasing number of practitioners are successfully helping patients reverse chronic illness by addressing the root cause(s).

It has been my experience that many chronic diseases share the same underlying triggers. The goal of my website, book and online programs is to educate patients about how certain lifestyle risk factors are contributing to, if not causing, their chronic illness.

You’ll find tons of free articles, videos and live calls in which I discuss the roots of chronic illness:

•  Chronic emotional stress

•  Poor coping mechanisms (such as food and substance abuse)

•  Poor nutrition

•  Allergies and sensitivities

•  GI imbalances/leaky gut

•  Adrenal fatigue

•  Hormonal imbalance

•  Infectious and toxic stress

My vision is to be a resource for predictable intervention therapies and lifestyle strategies that anyone can begin to use to get better—and I do my best to include relevant science whenever possible.

It’s been my experience that many chronic illnesses can be successfully and quantifiably reversed when the underlying triggers are uncovered and removed, and the body’s core systems are restored to balance.

I want to help you empower and inspire your patients to implement healthy lifestyle strategies with the goal of improving, and perhaps even reversing, chronic illness.

I extend an offer of collaboration to you and invite your feedback. I’d love to hear how I can be of service to you and your patients.


Michelle Corey F.M.P.